This royal jewel has traded in ashes for joy. She has sat on the feet of her king, wept and sobbed He looked at her with eyes only for her! He has set his glory on her face and onto those who gaze upon her He has restored her reign, made new, not replenished but […]


For this cause I rise, it’s not I who live but he who dwells in me. Took me as a mere mortal and launched me into Royalty. I rise. To this cause of Kingdom purpose, for this cause He saw fit to exchange my form to his. Declaration Emancipation Acceleration I rise As he rose, […]

Total surrender

LifeThis lifeMy life It’s meant for the living. The constraints of trying to define every moment. The thin line between preconceived notions or intertwined milestones. That’s not life!One suffocates in the thick clouds of decision. Why my life?Why this life? It’s meant for living. With each new dawn comes a platter of choice. I’ll start […]

Pillow talk

I run to my palace. My place of serenity, peace, tranquility. Here I am safeI lay my heaďdown and choose to let you’ve the pages of my diary. I hide nothing,Its impossible to hold back in such comforting assurance And as I narrate my vision and passion, I’m engulfed in dreams of an enlightened future.I […]


I am not my hair, No.But my crown? My beauty?I want that back Undefiled, of pure legacy.Blood of royalty And head of originality! I want that back!Deny me of the restBut my crown? My beauty?That I want back!!! 17/09/2015


When you let yourself goRun wild with your soulNever knowing if the ground will cushion your fall Jump anyway. Run away to a place of solace, find peace with the world, with your heart and with yourself. 17/09/2015


I am done I have unshackled myself through the grace that knows no bounds. STEP AWAY FROM ME!!! I have you under my feet, my reign, my royalty. Now I carry my shoulders and carry my curves with confidence. I am royalty, a daughter of rich soul, a seed of legacies I am Queen 17/09/2015

Don’t lie to me

Don’t lie to me It hurts… That,The wrath that comes from an illusioned truth, call it what you may! White truth, whit lie?That’s no truth. A nudity of mi d that unclothes the reflection of your mind which is Christ. YES! In all it’s fullness… Restore my faith in love, dont lie to me… it […]

My muse

Gold infused? YESMaybe royal blues…Like the oreos, dandelions on tastebuds. Bee sting on the ear and maybe, yes maybe, a little honey comb from my honey bee. A bit of sunshine as its shade is washed off by the swishing waves of sunset. Lol, I’ll still say malamogodu and some “hard body” Nandos Never mind […]


I fear your grip, how you dehumanize and patronize what’s pure and clean. You empty out what God has filled and replace with self appraisal. I fear your grip. Not that you are able to overpower character but you destroy humanity with your false whispers. May this generation be selfless, pure and God conscious. Let […]